“Turn an ordinary moment into an extraordinary time that you will remember, The feel, the style the light within, gives you the glow that you deserve, Don’t let any good thing pass you by, choose to be the one… Smile, you’re only a click away…”

Ornella spezzati, designer

Shelight is not your “usual” jewellery shoe brand. In all our products, the ornament is not an afterthought: it is the script itself, the main plot, from which everything else is derived. Ornella Spezzati, the creator of this unique collection, which ranges from flip flops to 12cm heeled pumps, got her professional start working in the Jewellery business. And it shows.

Because in her capable hands, within her designs, the crystals become pieces of an infinite mosaic, small virtuous compositions around which the shoe is built. The Lightkiss sandal -worn by numerous celebrities – is forged by hand, starting from the embedding of the 40 Swarovski crystals, not the other way around. From the Swarovski Rose and Flower originates the leather and velvet slipper loved by great actress Marisa Paredes and Oscar-winning actress Melissa Leo.

Leather-coloured flip-flops emerge and flourish thanks to the use of polychrome domes and beautiful silky scarves; when opting for this marvellous combination of material and form, customers will have access to a wide selection of gems to choose from and combine: turquoise, cerulean, apricot, light green, hot pink are some of the colours of this extensive selection. The production process takes place in Veneto and Tuscany (Italy), with the main showroom and flagship store being in Palma de Mallorca, international scope.