What to do if you lose one or more Swarovski crystals on the jewel clip?

Each clip accessory is carefully checked during preparation and assembly phase. A second check is made before shipping to customer.
Each single crystal is set by hand in a seat with 4 closing flaps.
In the worst case where you lose one or more crystals, Shelight will in the shortest possible time replace the missing crystal.

Does this service have a cost?

Shelight will replace for free the missing crystal within a maximum period of 12 months from the purchase date. Only shipping costs will be charged to the customer.

If you lose a clip accessory?

You can also buy a single clip accessory on our online shop. Please contact orders@shelight.com for buy a single accessory.
We always recommend to make a proper use of our products. We remind you that strong accidental bumps and inappropriate use can cause the loss of the accessory with clip system.

What is meant by correct use?

In this case we refer to a good common sense of our customers. Practicing sports, wearing them on particularly uneven terrain, or a simple accidental fall are situations and events that can jeopardize the hold of the jewel clip accessory.

Do you have any spare parts?

Sure. We have all the spare parts-components of our products.
From Swarovski crystals to natural stones, from metal clip accessories to leather and fabric details.

How can I wash the scarf?

We always recommend gentle washing for silk.

Is it true that chocolate clip and choclip are waterproof and non-slip?

Our rubber sole is clearly waterproof, and its particular honeycomb processing makes it non-slip.
We also like to call it teak friendly.
It should also be remembered that there are also non-waterproof leather parts. It is absolutely not recommended to wear them in the shower, so as not to compromise their integrity and beauty.

And if I wanted to customize the color of the crystals of the jewel accessories on the online shop?

It is an available service. You can send an email to ……… with your requests.
You will be contacted by our tailor-made service as soon as possible.
Once a personalized accessory has been chosen and shipped, it will not be possible to make changes or returns.

The Tailor-Made service is free.

Are articles that are marked “Sold out” replenished?
If an article is sold out, we will try to replenish it as soon as possible. If there is no stock, we will remove it from the website.

Can I remove an item from my order?
Yes. During the purchase process, you can remove any article(s) that you do not want from your shopping cart, as long as you have not processed your order.